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From midstream oil and gas to precision optics manufacturing, our close partnerships and powerful materials enhance operations and improve performance.

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Flowchem is a leading global supplier of drag-reducing agents (DRAs), related support services and equipment to midstream crude oil and refined fuel pipeline operators. DRAs are specialty chemicals used in midstream pipelines to reduce friction near the pipeline walls and within the turbulent fluid flowing through the pipeline network. By lessening fluid turbulence in pipelines, DRAs are highly effective in optimizing pipeline flow and lowering pipeline operating costs by increasing throughput capacity and reducing operating pressure. From research and development to performance optimization, Flowchem is engaged in every phase of the DRA industry, including product manufacturing, inventory management, injection equipment design and installation.

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Sealweld is a leading global provider of high-performance products and services for industrial valve and actuator maintenance. By offering routine and emergency valve maintenance services and technician training for many of the world’s leading pipeline operators, Sealweld enables safe and optimal valve operation while preventing costly, unscheduled downtime at customer facilities and pipelines.

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Val-Tex is a leading provider of high quality, cost-effective valve lubricants primarily to the oil and gas storage, pipeline and gas distribution markets. Val-Tex manufactures and distributes industrial sealants and lubricants, as well as related products, such as lubrication equipment and fittings. Val-Tex serves the global valve maintenance market with value-added specialty products that enable optimal valve operation and help prevent costly, unscheduled downtime at customer facilities and pipelines. In addition, Val-Tex’s products provide important safety benefits along with preventing fugitive valve emissions.

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QED Technologies offers state-of-the-art MRF polishing and SSI metrology optical manufacturing solutions that are designed to meet the needs of advanced optics manufacturers by increasing production speed and yield while decreasing costs. QED provides technical solutions that enable or significantly enhance customers’ capabilities and positively impact their bottom line.

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